Video Package $300 

Special Pine Manor Price for 3 Hours. includes a short youtube video and DVD of raw footage.  

Two Hours Live Violin $300

Beautiful addition, live violin HannaH K Watson can play ceremony/cocktail music or cocktail & cake reception 

Professional Still Photographer $300

One of Chicagolands best wedding photographers, now you can get pro shots of the ceremony too! Includes a downloadable image folder of all the hi-rez images

Petite Quiche 

Individual quiche baked golden brown.

Beef & Cheese.

Cream Cheese Roast Beef Rolls.


  • white
  • marble
  • yellow
  • chocolate cake.
  • Red Velvet (add $65.)


Lemon, Raspberry, Apricot, Pineapple, Custard, Chocolate Custard; Butter Cream in Vanilla, Chocolate, Rum, Kahlua, & Mint; Bavarian in Apricot, Custard, Lemon, Raspberry, & Strawberry. ALSO, Raspberry, Chocolate, Strawberry, & White Chocolate Mousse. Fresh Strawberry, Fresh Blueberry, Fresh Cherry, Fresh Banana, Fresh Mandarin Orange, Fresh Peaches. 

Classic Cheese & Sausage.

Served with crackers.

Water Chestnuts.

Water chestnut wrapped in bacon.

Italian Skewer.

Olives, tomato and cheese smothered in an Italian spicy sauce.

For A Wedding You Won't Forget!


Cream Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos in a breaded shell.

Cucumber Sandwiches. 

Made with a light cream cheese on a bark snack bread.

Plan your cake

From Central Bakery


Meat Options

Destination Wedding Chapel Chicago

Beef Franks.

Mini Franks served in a bread roll.

Veggies & Hummus

Carrots, celery, radishes, Peppers served with a Hummus dip.

Cocktail h'orderves Menu - Choose two meat and two veggie options as part of your package.

Each additional selection over four is $55

Veggie Options

Standard Cake Design Butter Cream Frosting

Mac & Cheese Bites.

Home made and Baked Crispy warm.

Destination Wedding Chapel, Cosplay legal weddings, Elvis impersonator in Chicago, small wedding venue for up to 30 guests, Pine Manor includes the legal wedding officiation - LGBTQ & Pagan friendly. Veggie & vegan too.

401 S. Pine St Mt Prospect, IL 60056 USA

Bagel Pizza.

Individual sized pizzas on a bagel. 

Italian Meatballs.

Served with a thick BBQ sause.